Moving home can of course be very stressful but with careful planning and perhaps a hand packing and moving from a reputable company like ours, most people tend to think that they have the whole moving thing under control. However there are often a few simple things that many people overlook when moving house which can cause all kinds of problems – check out our helpful list, to see if there is anything you might have forgotten before your big move, with some tips on how to tackle some of the moving day tasks that others often overlook.

Get the all the keys!

Before you get to the new place make sure the previous owner has given you all of the keys – this includes keys for windows, conservatories, outbuildings and gates. Some people also recommend changing the locks once you have moved in – in fact some insurance companies actually insist on it as the previous owners may seem trustworthy but you don’t know who else might have had a key for your property over the years and some insurers use this as grounds for invalidating your policy if someone breaks in using a key.

Don’t pack the things you might need straight away – and make an ‘essential kit’ box

This sounds obvious but in the excitement or confusion of the moment you can forget to make sure that you have everything you need to get on with your life once you have moved. For example, don’t pack all of your clothes where you can’t find them or access them easily or you might have to wear the same things for a week until you unpack them! We recommend packing a box of things you’re going to need for the next few days toilet roll, toiletries, clothes, phone charger, tea towels. This is especially important if you are moving abroad and you can’t get to your stuff for a few weeks.

In addition to packing the things you’re going to need whilst you unpack. We also recommend packing a box of essential things that you are going to need immediately – either during or straight after the move: Kettle, tea / coffee, milk, mugs and teaspoons. If you have children pack some toys and games – and if it’s a hot day then cold drinks and snacks and anything else you can’t live without. Clearly label the box ‘do not pack’ and keep it with you when you travel rather than placing it into the back of the removals lorry.

Organising storage

If you’re downsizing or just de-cluttering and need some breathing space – or maybe you’re moving in with a partner to a brand new home, then you might find that not everything fits. When planning your move it helps to have an idea of where things are going to go – and for larger items – how they are going to fit through the door at your new home. If it’s a case of ‘two becoming one’ and you’re moving in with a loved one for the first time then you might find you have two sofas, two cookers and two fridges. If you don’t have time to sell them on Gumtree, then consider organising some storage for your items whilst you figure out what to do with them (or if you’re the cautious kind that isn’t sure that the relationship will work out, just put it away in case you need it!) In addition to removals, firms like Northover and Gilbert can also offer a safe secure storage service. As long as your items are clearly labelled then some of them can go to your new home and some can stay with us in storage until you are ready to deal with them.

Let people know you are moving home

It sounds simple but there’s usually someone that gets overlooked! As soon as you have your moving date then start letting people know. We’d also advise getting your mail forwarded for at least three months in case there is anyone you have missed. This is a paid service and you can find the link to the Royal Mail forwarding service on our website – you don’t have to wait until the day of the move, just let them know what date you would like the mail to start being forwarded on.

There are more useful links for people to inform when moving home, plus some other handy hints and tips on our website. You can also download our moving checklist to print out and check off. We hope you’ve found all of this helpful and if we’ve helped just one person to remember not to forget then it’s been worthwhile! Do you have any embarrassing house moving confessions? Let us know in the comments section below!