Gardening is the unofficial religion in England and in the beautiful country of Dorset, devotion to the country garden is widespread. Around Bridport there are some excellent emporiums to fuel the green-fingered passion.  Across Dorset there are also some great resources for plant lovers as well as locations to find your ideal greenhouse, sheds, and fencing materials. Northover & Gilbert helps people move to and around Dorset, and we are located close to the borders of Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire and Hampshire, so our reach spreads across counties. We know how important it can be when you move to a new area to find the garden centres that will help you get growing in this beautiful location. Here is our list of the top ten near Bridport and wider afield in Dorset.


  1. Groves Nurseries Bridport
  2. The Little Groves Nursery Beaminster
  3. Dobbies in Galton
  4. Mill House Nursery
  5. Frampton Roses
  6. Warden Hill Garden Centre
  7. Poundbury Gardens
  8. The Walled Garden Moreton
  9. Holme Garden Centre
  10. Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens
  11. Other locations of note in Dorset for gardeners
  12. Northover & Gilbert – removal, storage, and shipping solutions in Dorset

Groves Nurseries

West Bay Road,Bridport, Dorset, DT6 4BA

The Groves Nurseries is a large family run garden centre in Bridport. Featured in the top 50 garden centres in the UK by the Independent, it also ranked in the Telegraph’s top 25 UK garden centres in 2015. It has everything from bare root hedging to barbeques, lawn care to animal care. If you want to check out greenhouses and sheds, or shop for Christmas decorations in Santa’s season you will have a lot of choice. Expect a wide range of seeds, bulbs, fruit trees, ornamental trees and perennial grasses. The Ivy House all day kitchen means you can factor in food and other family members, making it a day out if you are driving from somewhere other than Bridport.

The Little Groves Nursery

Little Groves Nursery, Tunnel Road, Beaminster DT8 3HB

The Little Groves Nursery is a small nursery located in Beaminster, Dorset. It is a sister branch to the Groves Nurseries in Bridport. At the Little Groves Nursery the focus is on plants and they sell a wide range of climbers, herbs, perennials, you name it. With a great reputation as a traditional plant nursery they also promote gardening methods and ecological practice through workshops and educational visits.  The layout of the nursery is placed in the various seasons, so customers can learn which plants will do best in each season and what they will be compatible with seasonally and aesthetically.  Their informed team are on hand to advise.

Dobbies Galton

24 Wareham Road, Galton, Dorchester DT2 8BY

Nearby in Dorchester is Dobbies Galton which is super children friendly. Aside from their soft play area, they also host children’s birthday parties. Families can come for hours to Dobbie’s, plus it’s a big hit at Christmas. Garden furniture, equipment, pet food, and plants and trees are all in abundance here.

Mill House Nursery

33 Moreton Road,Owermoigne,Dorchester DT2 8HZ

A traditional nursery in Dorchester, Mill House Nursery is close to the Mill House Cider Museum and the Clock Gallery.  If you are interested in growing vegetables they have a wide range of seedlings, as well as bedding plants and flowers.  Specialising in different varieties of vegetable plants, this nursery is worth having on your Dorset map.

Frampton Roses

34 Dorchester Road, Frampton, Dorchester DT2 9NF

Frampton Roses specializes in top-performing perennials, with old classics and new designer plants as part of their range. As perennials are their passion they are well stocked with long-flowering perennials, salvias, wallflowers, and geraniums all in stunning varieties.   When it comes to herbaceous and evergreen perennials their range will bring something with extra edge into your borders.

Warden Hill Garden Centre

Long Ash Lane, Dorchester,DT2 9PW

Warden Hill Garden Centre has a range of seasonal plants and local crafts like Willow Artisan Basketware. They supply houseplants as well as bedding plants and outdoor flowers. While it is a smaller garden centre, it is worth having on your radar if you are near Dorchester.

Poundbury Gardens

Peverell Avenue, Poundbury, Dorchester,DT1 3RT

Poundbury Gardens  is part of the Gardens Group and was opened by King Charles in 2006 to promote horticultural activity in Poundbury. They sell plants, seeds, and bulbs alongside an inspirational meeting space in their restaurant and café. When it comes to Advent, they have some wonderful Christmas displays as well.

The Walled Garden Moreton

Moreton,Dorchester, Dorset,DT2 8RG

The Walled Garden Moreton is where you can find extraordinary gardens, and The Dovecote Café. Thorngrove Garden Centre supplies their plant shop, plus you can also order online through the Thorngrove Garden Centre online shop. Contemplating garden aesthetics is easy here in Moreton, when the Walled Garden hosts Dorset Art Week. Enjoy the gardens and the art and pick up excellent compost products while you check out their alpines, climbers, and specialist plants.

Holme Garden Centre

West Holme, Wareham ,BH20 6AQ

A little further east near Wareham is the Holme Garden Centre, a lovely location with a farm shop and café. Here you can find tenderly cared for plants and staff happy to share their knowledge.  They host group visits and have interesting events on their schedule, as well as being stocked with plants galore.

Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Swannery, New Barn Road, Abbotsbury, Dorset, DT3 4JG

Sometimes you need to visit gardens for inspiration alone. The Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens in Weymouth is one of those places.  Where else will you find a Sino-Himalayan glade? This 30-acre garden is full of rare and exotic plants that were curated by the 4th Earl of Ilchester and subsequent generations. Simon Gudgeon sculptures also feature in the gardens and close by you can visit The Swannery. Home to a colony of nesting mute swans, it is no wonder people choose to hold their weddings here in this sub-tropical splendour.

Other locations of note in Dorset for gardeners

For bespoke landscape design, garden restoration, arboriculture and one-off sculptures you may want to get in touch with local landscaping experts Littlefones. Taking the local soil and landscape into account they can advise the best way forward in developing your garden.

Supply sands, soils, gravels, and decorative stones in Bridport and offer a grab away service to help you dispose of old soil, rubble, aggregate, or sand.

  • Stone Zone in Dorchester has a wide range of landscaping materials, stone, and paving. For cobbles, pebbles, sandstone, and wooden sleepers, they have everything you need to structurally redefine your garden.   
  • Dobbie’s in Dorchester hosts Maidenhead Aquatics for pond life paraphernalia, tanks, lights and fish.
  • Dorset Reclamation Yard is where you can find unique garden ornaments and garden furniture to add something different to your garden’s character.
  • Merlin Sundials in Shaftesbury can tailor, make, and inscribe Sundials in line with your own design.
  1. Northover and Gilbert – removal, storage, and shipping solutions in Dorset

Based in Bridport for over 100 years, Northover and Gilbert have a wide range of services for customers in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, and beyond. Our international shipping services mean we can assist people moving abroad, or heading to this country on an international move. We can provide local storage in Bridport and come and collect your storage items on your behalf. If you need a small move solution, we have a Man and Van service to hand.  For an online quote or one in person, get in touch with our team today.