There are loads of different reasons why you might want to put your possessions into storage. Perhaps you’ve inherited some stuff from a family member and aren’t sure what to with it all, or you’ve had a good decluttering session but can’t bear to part with it all yet. Maybe you’re travelling or working abroad for a few months – or you’re downsizing and need time to think and find new homes for all of your bits and pieces? We’ve even had someone that was moving in with a new partner and didn’t want to get rid of all the things they had two of (washing machines, etc) just in case it didn’t work out. Don’t worry, our service is always discreet!

Whatever your reasons for storing your belongings, Northover and Gilbert can help! We can take the pressure off, by securing your valuables in our large refurbished storage facility, right in the centre of Bridport. Our location means we are close to the borders of several counties, making us perfectly placed to help. Our traditional stone warehouse offers you the peace of mind you need to know that your stuff is safe with us, whether you are storing one prized possession, or a whole houseful!

Here are our 10 top tips for preparing your possessions in order to put them away:

  1. Preparation is everything! Make sure you have all the packing materials you think you might need before you begin, including wrapping paper, bubble wrap, blankets and strong cardboard boxes. We have a range of packing materials available for sale at our office, so if you’re storing your things with us, tell us what you need and we will do our best to help. We can provide lots of different types of boxes for storage, ranging from small cartons for packing books, to large wardrobe cartons complete with hanging rails. We also stock tape for assembling and sealing the boxes. We recommend strong brown parcel tape with a tape dispenser if you have one. You will also need strong bin bags (for soft items) scissors, labels or a marker pen for labelling everything and tools for dismantling furniture or appliances (if needed).
  2. Where possible, think about how your stuff is going to be arranged within the storage space and pack accordingly. But don’t worry too much as we will be doing the lugging and stacking once it arrives here! Use stackable boxes where possible. For heavier items like books, we recommend that you use smaller boxes which are less likely to have the bottom fall out of them and are easier to move. For lighter things like cushions or curtains use large boxes or bags. You can also use soft items such as tea towels for wrapping breakable goods.
  3. For ceramics, glassware and other breakables use plenty of wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Where possible wrap each item individually and if needed secure them with tape. Ensure that any boxes which contain delicate items are clearly labelled as such.
  4. When packing breakable items into a box, it helps to put in a soft layer at the bottom of the box to cushion them from impact, with another protective layer over the top once the box is full.
  5. Some larger items and furniture pack away better if they have been taken apart. Of course some things do not come apart but most modern furniture items such as shelving units, bed frames and tables can be disassembled relatively easily for more efficient packing.
  6. If you’re storing a mattress then it’s best to cover it up with either a special mattress bag or cover. These are inexpensive and available on Amazon or eBay) or failing this, put fitted sheets over it on both sides to prevent it from getting marked or damaged.
  7. Pack items inside other items to save space. Pack toys or ornaments into drawers and pillows, bedding or soft toys inside cupboards or wardrobes. You can also place smaller, fragile items into drawers by wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap, wrapping paper or soft items that also need to be stored, such as clothing or towels.
  8. Large electrical items such as fridges and washing machines should be clean and dry. Allow plenty of time before moving these items into storage to defrost or drain them. Clean them thoroughly and dry them with a towel. If you’re storing a fridge or freezer always leave the door slightly open to let air circulate and prevent mould from forming inside. Keep them closed whilst moving them and then once they are placed into storage, tape something to the inside of the door to stop them from closing by accident.
  9. Lampshades are notoriously fragile. Wrap them carefully in clean packing paper (not newspaper as this could leave print on them). Where possible, place them inside each other. They should go in last, on top of other items, so they do not get crushed.
  10. Fill every box completely to prevent it from collapsing when stacked. If you run out of things to fill a box, stuff it with newspaper, rolled clothes or towels. Make sure you label each box properly, especially if it is going into storage for a long time as you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget what is in there! We recommend writing on the box with a sharpie or other permanent marker, as sticky labels can fall off or get damaged. You could also take a photograph of the contents of each box before you seal it so you have a rough idea of what is in there once it is stored, to save you hunting around for something at home that is actually in storage.

Our large refurbished storage facilities are located within a traditional stone warehouse, right in the heart of Bridport. If you’ve got something to store, we will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote and you are also very welcome to make an appointment to come and take a look at the facilities for your own peace of mind before you make decision. Whilst you’re here you can pick up some boxes and packing materials too.

We’ve been packing and storing stuff for a very long time and are always happy to give advice if needed. We can also take the strain out of it completely by packing, removing and storing your stuff for you and then delivering it to you once you are ready for it! Ask us about our different packing, removals and storage options when and we’ll always do our very best to help!