Although we’re only a couple of months into 2018 we have noticed that we are doing a lot of removals in Dorchester this year. It seems that quite a few people are moving to Dorchester from outside the area. So apart from the great school and clean air what is that draws people to this beautiful historic town?

The History

Dorchester has been the county town of Dorset since 1305 and is just two miles from Maiden Castle – the oldest Iron Age Hill Fort in Britain. In the centre of the town, Maumbury Rings is the site of an ancient prehistoric stone circle like Stonehenge or Avebury – around 6,500 years old. The Romans adapted site to create an amphitheatre capable of seating 10,000 people. And although no stones remain here now, there are still some tremendous earthworks. This historic site is still used for open air performances today. Elsewhere in the town, the well-preserved remains of a Roman town house, discovered in 1937 is open to visitors at Colliton Park.

But not all of Dorchester’s history is on view. There are also some hidden historical gems in the town. During 1685, following a failed rebellion in the West Country, the Bloody Assizes were held in the town in the Oak Room of the Antelope Hotel.

According to local legend the merciless Judge Jefferies – who presided over the trial – used tunnels to get from his lodgings to the Court Room. The Urban Explorer found evidence of many of these tunnels during an expedition below the city’s streets, as you can see on his website: But were the tunnels already there or installed specially for the Hanging Judge? Architectural evidence suggests that after the Great Fire of Dorchester, 400 years ago, several buildings were built straight on top of the ruins of the burned properties and hence you can now find the remains of several Elizabethan buildings, including windows and door frames which are underneath the other buildings.

So as you can see Dorchester is quite literally steeped in history and many things can still be found both above and below the city’s streets – couple this with the great array of local services, good schools and housing then its easy to see why so many people are requiring removals in Dorchester and moving into the town. If you’re thinking of moving to Dorchester you can check out our other blog post about the town to find out more.