There are myriad reasons why you may want to place your belongings into storage facilities. Maybe you’ve got too much stuff but can’t bear to part with it? Maybe you’re travelling or working abroad for a few months – or you’re downsizing and need time to think about what to do with all of your belongings?

At Northover and Gilbert we can help you take the pressure off, by securing your valuables in our large refurbished storage facilities, located in our traditional stone warehouse in the centre of Bridport. Here are 5 top tips for getting your stuff in order, ready to be stored:

  1.  Preparation is everything! Get all of the packing materials that you think you might need – wrapping paper, bubble wrap, blankets and strong cardboard boxes. We have a range of packing materials available at our offices, so if you’re coming by to check out the storage facilities then tell us what you need and we will do our best to help. There are lots of different types of boxes for storage, ranging from small cartons for packing books – up to large wardrobe cartons complete with hanging rails. You will also need tape for assembling and sealing the boxes. We recommend strong brown parcel tape and use a tape dispenser if you have one. You will also need bin bags (for soft items) scissors, labels or a marker pen for labelling everything and tools for dismantling furniture or appliances (if necessary).
  2. Think about how your stuff is going to be arranged within the storage space and pack accordingly. Use stackable boxes where possible. For heavier items like books we recommend that you use smaller boxes which are less likely to rip open and easier to move. For lighter things like cushions or curtains use large boxes or bags. You can also use soft items such as tea towels for wrapping breakable goods – packing two birds with one stone!
  3. For china, glassware and other breakables use generous amounts of wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Where possible wrap each item individually and if needed secure the wrapping with tape. Make sure that any boxes which contain delicate items are clearly labelled as such.
  4. When packing delicate items into a box, it helps to put in a soft layer at the bottom of the box to cushion them from impact – with another protective layer over the top once the box is full.
  5. Larger items like furniture pack away better if they have been taken apart. Of course some things do not come apart but most modern furniture items such as shelving units, bed frames and tables can be disassembled relatively easily for more efficient packing.

That’s it for now – we’ll have 5 more storage packing tips for you next month. If you’re thinking of storing your stuff  in Dorset then feel free to make an appointment to view our storage facilities and get a quote before making a decision. Check out our storage page for more information.