Continuing on from our recent post about choosing and using storage in Dorset, this week we’ve got more packing tips to help you pack and stash your belongings.

If you’re reading this because you are looking for somewhere to store your items, you are welcome to come and inspect our traditional stone storage warehouse, right in the centre of Bridport. If you don’t have time to pack your belongings yourself – for example if you’ve got to move unexpectedly or you have a new job overseas then we can do the packing for you – we can also fetch your items and store them for you and also deliver them to you once you no longer need to store them and you want to start using them again. Find out more and get a storage quote on our storage page. Prices start from £10 per week.

But back to the storage tips, last week we told you to make an inventory and plan your packing strategy. This week we’ve got some more tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Clean as you pack

This one seems obvious but there is nothing worse than getting things out of storage to be greeted by a crusty, musty smell, mildew or mouldy crumbs! Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered and thoroughly dried before packing – you could even treat yourself to a high quality fabric conditioner so that they retain some freshness whilst being stored. Wash and dry bedding and also wash or dry clean any curtains, to ensure they do not retain any moisture or lingering contaminants.

Clean and sterilise all crockery, cutlery and dishwasher safe ornaments in a dishwasher if you have one (or warm soapy water with a dash of antibacterial cleaner if not) and ensure that they are thoroughly dried too before wrapping and packing them.

If you’re packing a sofa or large items of furniture, wash any loose covers and hoover all of the cushions and surfaces that cannot be detached. Wash down appliances such as fridges with antibacterial spray or surface wipes and if you are storing a washing machine, give it a run with a washing machine cleaner before you disconnect it to make sure there’s nothing smelly in the pipes.

2. Use clear plastic boxes instead of cardboard and label them

This will make it much easier to see what it inside if you need to find a particular item and easier to identify which is which when you finally get them out of storage too.

Make sure each box is clearly labelled – this will be much easier if you are keeping an inventory of items (as suggested last week) as you will have a very clear idea of what is inside each one without having to pull everything out.

3. Dismantle large objects

If you have some large items of furniture such as a bed or a table which can be dismantled in any way then this will make it easier to move and store. For example if the table legs are removable, they can be neatly removed and tucked away, freeing up plenty of room for other items to be stored with it. Make sure that you keep any nuts, bolts and screws in a clearly-labelled bag – either taped to the table, or in a separate box along with all of the nuts, bolts and screws, for every dismantled item in separate, labelled bags. Antique items are less likely to come apart and of course, we do not expect these to be disassembled they are designed to do so.

4. Preparation of electrical items

Small appliances such as toasters, kettles, hairdryers etc should be swathed in bubble wrap, – including the plug and cord – to prevent any damage. Make sure that they are clean as well, as you do not want to be greeted with the smell of a musty kettle or mouldy toast crumbs once you are reunited with your belongings. For things like stereo equipment it is advisable to tie or tape up any loose wires and make sure that they are well packed and clearly labelled. Dishwashers, fridges and washing machines should also be cleaned and stored with the door open to prevent mould or mildew from propagating inside the machine.

5. Get someone else to do it!

Of course if this all seems like too much, you could just hand the job to our experienced team of professional packers here at Northover and Gilbert. We can prepare, pack, remove and store your items and then deliver them back to you in your new home, once you are ready to use them again. Head over to our storage page to find out more about our facilities and get a quote for all your storage needs: