This week a study by Market Financial Solution (MFS) revealed that the house size matters – as the size of a property is now the most significant factor for homebuyers when choosing a home. According to MFS, 90% of those that they surveyed said that the size of a potential property was either ‘important’ or ‘very important’, when searching for property.

Other high-ranking factors in the survey included the amount of garden or outdoor space available at the property (89%) The way the property was finished (88%) the distance to the nearest town (87%) and whether it had off-street parking or a garage (86%)

Speaking to Property Wire about the research, the Chief Executive of MFS, Paresh Raja said:

“The research delivers many interesting findings. The old adage that property investment is all about ‘location, location, location’ still holds true, but this extends beyond local amenities or schools. Homebuyers are prioritising size and infrastructure; and crucially, this does not just include transport links but also digital connectivity.

“Moreover, it’s surprising that the potential to extend a property is so low down on the list of priorities for house hunters. Extensions and conversions are effective ways to bolster the value of a property – and with square footage the most important factor for UK homebuyers, it’s vital they remember that they can always increase the size of a house or flat through outward or upward extensions.”

Factors ranking less highly in the survey (but still important with scores over 65%) were the culture and local community (67%), the potential to extend the property (71%) and the age of the property (74%).

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