Moving house can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t done it many times before. And if you’re moving home due to a change of circumstances – such as bereavement – you might feel overwhelmed or unsure where to start.  When customers come to us with an initial enquiry we do as much as we can to set their mind at ease. Our experienced, caring team always do everything they can to make sure every move goes as smoothly as possible and that each customer is well-informed at every stage of the moving process.

Moving Checklist

Whilst we aim to take a lot of the stress out of your moving day, we also offer lots of advice on how to plan for your move. One of the most popular pages on our website is our moving checklist which offers a step-by step plan for moving house, starting from 4 weeks before the move and detailing all of the steps you need to take. The list includes directions on how to redirect your mail, notify broadband, telephone and satellite providers of the move and when and how to start packing. You can see the full checklist on our website and you can also download it and print it out – allowing you to check off each item on the list as you complete it.

It can be so hard knowing where to start, particularly if you have built up lots of clutter over the years. Ensure that you allow plenty of time for each activity and don’t skip any steps. Moving day itself can be a very long day, so make sure you have plenty of snacks and supplies. We recommend that you make up a catering pack with a kettle ready for your arrival the new house. There’s nothing like a cup of tea in your new home as you prepare to start unpacking and this can’t be done if you don’t know where the kettle is packed! Before you leave your old house make sure that you take final meter readings for electricity and gas and water if these are metered. Keep any really valuable items and important documents in a place where they can’t be packed away so that you know that they are safe.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving house then ask our friendly team, using the comments section below!

Moving checklist page
Download a printable checklist (part of our brochure)

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