Thinking of selling your home? Perhaps you’ve got to sell or let out the home you’re in first – and sometimes this can be a pretty daunting task. This week we’ve got some top tips to help you maximise your chances of a quick sale or a swift let. Ask yourself the following five questions – and if the answer to any of them is ‘no’ then we’ve got some tips to help you get sorted and make sure you’re putting up that ‘sold’ or ‘let’ sign as soon as you can!

1. Does it have kerb appeal?

Make a good first impression by enhancing your kerb appeal. Step outside your home and imagine you are viewing it for a first time. You may have become accustomed to your tatty fence or overgrown trees to the point where you no longer notice them – but they could easily put off a potential buyer or tenant who will see them as jobs that need doing rather than ‘part of the charm’. Make sure your home looks presentable and tidy rather than shabby, hide things that might make it look worse like old cars or wheelie bins. As you move inside the home, make sure you show them your best room first, to ensure they get that instant wow factor.

It’s worth making sure that your ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ signs are displayed correctly and prominently with maximum impact and visibility for passers by. If you are in a flat or your house is obscured from the road make sure it is clear which house the sign belongs to and that it is enticing as possible.

2. Is your home clean and tidy?

Again if you are living in your home you might not notice how tatty or dirty it may have become. Give it a deep clean and wipe down things like cupboard fronts, spruce up heavy traffic areas with a rug and if your furniture has seen better days try giving it a new lease of life with a colourful throw or some cushions.

If you have a lot of ornaments or clutter consider boxing them up and putting them in the loft as they can make your home seem smaller and less appealing.

A clean and tidy home will always look more spacious and attractive to prospective buyers or tenants. Make sure you pay extra attention to bathrooms and kitchens too – clean those dirty dishes and put them away (or hide them in the oven) and make sure your bathroom is dazzling. If you do feel the need to stash a few things before a viewing make sure they aren’t hidden in a place where viewers might look – such as the cupboard under the stairs – as they might be put off by an avalanche of clutter when they open the door!

3. Does your house smell nice?

We’ve all seen the advert where the man goes ‘noseblind’ and this could happen to you too! If you’re living with your pets or cigarettes, the chances are that you may have become accustomed to their smells. Don’t cook anything smelly – like fish or curry – if you have viewings booked in. Keep your home well ventilated and if in doubt get an honest friend to come and have a sniff to see if you need to do anything else about unwanted aromas. If you do need to address a whiff, it is far better to remove the source of the smell rather than trying to mask it with air fresheners as this can potentially make it even worse. A flowery doggy smell is worse than a doggy smell.

If you really want to push the boat out, you could bake some bread or brew some coffee just before any prospective buyers arrive – these delicious aromas should make a positive impression as they view your home.

Whilst we’re discussing the senses, peace and quiet can be a big selling point too. If this is one of the good points of your home, make sure it is apparent. Keep the TV and stereo switched off and make sure you make a point of mentioning how lovely and tranquil it is too.

4. Are you being accommodating?

If you want to sell it, you have to put in the effort. Even though some viewings might not be convenient for you, this is a big sale and you need to make it your priority even if it mean cancelling little Jimmy’s swimming lesson or missing your favourite TV show. If you’ re using an online agency then you will probably need to conduct all of the viewings yourself, but if you really can’t be there in person, a high street letting or estate agent can conduct the viewing for you – although they might not have as much invested in the sale as you do – so if you want to move things along then you might want to make sure you are there to answer any questions and point out all the features of your home – and repeatedly tell prospective buyers how happy you have been there and how sad you are to be leaving, because you love it so even if you’re not.

5. Are you ready for difficult questions?

Whilst it’s important to point out the best bits of your home, you might also get asked about the worst bits too – the council tax band, energy rating, access to parking. Viewers will often ask about the area and why you’re leaving. Stay positive and try to prepare for the sort of questions that might come up. Make sure you and anyone else involved in the sale have got your stories straight before you begin and have a positive reason for selling that won’t hamper the sale. For example if your house is too cramped. Don’t say ‘it’s too small’ say ‘we need something bigger for our growing family’ this is a positive way of saying it is too small without pointing out ay potential shortcomings and planting negative ideas into a potential buyer’s mind.

Ready to go?

We hope these pointers will help you to get moving – do let us know how you get on and if you have any other tips you’d like to share in the comments section below.

Once you’re ready to go we have some free, downloadable resources on our website, including our free moving checklist to help you prepare for your home move. If you’d like a removals quote, we cater for everything from small moves with our man and van service, to packing and hauling, storage and even international shipping. Give us a call on 01308 423939 to find out how we can help everything go as smoothly as possible for you.