However much we may love or home, whenever we carry out renovations or decorations, most of us have in the back of our minds how much it can increase the value of your property if we ever decide to sell. However things like fitted kitchens or integrated smart technology might not necessarily increase the value of your home as much as you think as they may need replacing over time and many new owners will want to use their own ideas or put their own stamp on the place.

When it comes to increasing the value of your property, one space that often gets overlooked is the garage – when it’s actually a great place to start!

According to Property Wire, even doing something as simple as repairing or replacing your garage door could boost the value of your home. They suggest that if you use a garage door repair specialist, you’ll see an average of 91% return on your investment (ROI). So even if it can be expensive to repair or transform your garage, the ROI when you decide to sell will usually be quite high and the state of your garage will have a significant impact on the overall appeal and value of your property.

So, this week we have a few ideas for improving your garage to make it more usable and boost the value of your home.

A smart garage door

If you’re going to be primarily using the garage to park cars in, then investing in a smart garage door – which can be operated or monitored from your smart phone – is a great idea and will appeal to home buyers too. It can also tell you if the door has been left open, helping to keep your home secure.

Replacing the door for something more stylish that compliments the style of your home – particularly wooden panelled doors – can help improve kerb appeal too.

Alarm system

Most people put an alarm on their house but often the garage gets overlooked. Security is an inherent factor that every homebuyer looks for when seeking a new home and quite often, if your garage is attached to the house intruders may attempt to use the garage as the point of entry, so it’s important to make sure that it is protected properly.

Decent lighting

By installing bright lighting, you can make sure that your garage is safe to use –  which is important if you use it as a workshop too. It can also make the space look more appealing to potential buyers. Some homebuyers seek properties with motion sensor lights, so if your garage has no windows you might want to consider some that switch on when you enter and perhaps some lighting outside the garage area too to make it safer to get from your car to your front door at night.

If the lights are going to be highlighting the area then make sure that it looks appealing to prospective buyers, remove all clutter and allow them to see the potential if they want to transform the garage into an additional living space, office or home gym.

Sticking with safety, if you’re going to be using the garage as a workspace then consider getting some non-slip surfacing on the floor too.


If you or your prospective buyers are going to be spending a lot of time in the garage then you should get some decent insulation fitted to protect you from extremes of the weather. Make sure you tell people who are looking around your home that the garage is insulated as this will increase the appeal and they might not be able to tell at first glance.

It’s not just homebuyers that are attracted by a well presented garage. At the start of the year, Property Wire revealed that a garage was top of the wishlist for tenants in 2021.

As Marc von Grundherr, director of Benham and Reeves, explained at the time:

“The Covid inspired trend of more space hasn’t been confined to the homebuying sector and rental demand for gardens and balconies has soared since the first lockdown back in the spring of last year…some additional inside space in the form of a garage is top of the tenant wish list in the current market.

“This additional space enables tenants to carry on with their home workouts, or other hobbies acquired during the pandemic without the need to brave the cold temperatures and longer nights.”

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Picture Credit: Kevin Wolf on Unsplash