One of the topics that has come up over and over again during the last couple of years, since Covid hit is the dramatic shift in priorities for prospective buyers. Now that more people have realised they can work from home and don’t necessarily have to be in the city to do all the things they want to do, they are focusing more on their wellbeing and having a great space to work, rest and play. There has been a huge exodus of people moving to rural areas and one of their main priorities is to have a great garden or outdoor space and for their new home to be in close proximity to parks and other wide open green spaces.

With this in mind, this week’s blog is all about how to make your outdoor space more attractive to prospective buyers – and of course if you’re not planning on moving anywhere at the moment, it could simply give you some tips on how to make it a more pleasant space for you!

As we hurtle towards the equinox (equal length day and night) and the prospect of the clocks going forward at the end of the month – giving us more time to get outside and play – now is the time to go outdoors and start preparing your garden for summer.

Spruce up your garden furniture

Apart from the weeding and pruning, if you have tatty garden furniture this will be sure to put off prospective buyers. They may want to see the potential of your garden as a place to sit or entertain, but don’t just bin it or pack it away. Having seating placed strategically around your outdoor space can accentuate special views or cosy areas so it’s worth making the most of this if you can. You can easily up-cycle your furniture to give it a new lease of life and convince people that you’ve got plenty of lovely places to sit and enjoy your garden, once the weather warms up!

The quickest and cheapest way to liven up any old garden furniture or fencing is with a lick of paint. Consider using something different to provide a pop of colour that compliments a space, such as a scattering of cobalt blue furniture or some sage fence panels.

If your fence is a bit of an eyesore, try painting it a darker colour such as dark green or black, to help it merge into the shadows behind your shrubs and flowers, providing a great backdrop to show off any beautiful foliage or blooms.

Metal furniture looking past its best? Use a wire brush to get rid of any rust and give it a good coating with some anti-corrosion paint to help protect it from further deterioration. This is available in loads of lovely colours too so you can give it a bit of a makeover at the same time and paint right over any weathering that may have occurred.

White vinegar is also great for removing rust so pour this over the affected areas and leave it for an hour before wiping clean with a cloth.

Fabrics such as tablecloths and cushions  hide a multitude of sins, so some good all weather cloths and cushions will really help draw the eye and make your garden look comfortable and appealing. If you don’t want to splash out on all-weather ones, then try using regular cushions or throws for each viewing and bring them in and put them away afterwards. You can also try dressing up seating areas with lanterns or subtle solar lights, side tables and crockery. Anything to maximise the appeal.

On the opposite end of the scale, if you have statues or other things in your garden that look too shiny and new you can give them a weathered look by smearing them with natural yoghurt and waiting for nature to take over, covering them with fine moss or lichens. Be sure to do this well in advance of a viewing though, no one will be impressed by a freshly yoghurt-coated statue in the middle of your lawn.

Lighting can create a sophisticated atmosphere too, but if you are trying to increase your selling appeal, don’t go too crazy in case they don’t suit a prospective buyer’s taste. Too many coloured lights can give off a bit of a Christmassy vibe, so just a few subtle strings or solar stakes should be all that is needed to highlight certain garden features or seating areas.

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Picture credit: Dalila Dalprat from Pexels