During the pandemic, homebuyers needs have shifted with many looking for more room, both inside and out. Now, more than ever buyers and renters are putting gardens high on their list of priorities, whether they want to entertain friends, grow their own veg or exercise at home, the longing for outdoor space has swiftly moved it up the list of desirable features for many property seekers in the UK and Dorset gardens are right at the top of the list! 

This week, PropertyWire published the results of a survey by conservatory builders ConservatoryLand, showing which UK city homes have the largest garden spaces on average – with a look at the average houseprices in these areas too, to see if paying more actually gives you more space for your money and knowing this area like we do, we weren’t surprised to see that Poole in Dorset came top of this list.

Using government data, ConservatoryLand analysed 50 UK cities to determine which of them provide the greatest average amount of  garden space in square meters, using three different postcodes within each area.

Here are the results – and as you can see we have two Dorset cities in the top five – with Poole at number one and Bournemouth at five!

Rank City Average Garden Size (m2) Average House Price (£) Number of Properties for Sale
1 Poole 490 £345,602 794
2 Dundee 249 £179,278 97
3 Cambridge 235 £433,929 542
4 Slough 229 £370,613 986
5 Bournemouth 215 £337,042 1,071
6 Swansea 203 £185,780 333
7 Derby 200 £217,446 867
8 Milton Keynes 190 £296,989 1,101
9 Telford 185 £194,146 437
10 Reading 180 £406,498 1,102
Cities with the most garden space per home

The study found that the Southern town of Poole offers the highest average garden area per house at 490 square meters. The house prices in Poole average £345,000, which means that it is situated in the middle of the range for typical house prices across the UK.

Second in the findings was Dundee. With just 249 square meters of garden space, Dundee has almost half of what Poole has to offer – which shows just what an astonishing amount of space the homes in Poole provide – but this also comes with a benefit as the house prices in Dundee are around 50% cheaper than in Poole, with an average price of around £179,000. There are just 97 properties currently listed for sale in Dundee too, which suggests that it is proving to be a popular choice for homebuyers.

On the opposite end of the scale, the shock winner of ‘homes with the least garden space’ was Brighton, on the South Coast, which beat London to boast the smallest garden sizes in the UK!

Rank City Average Garden Size (m2) Average House Price (£) Number of Properties for Sale
1 Brighton 23 £388,739 933
2 London 35 £678,273 46,723
3 Leicester 41 £248,196 1634
4 Norwich 47 £263,394 928
5 Bradford 50 £142,097 979
6 Leeds 56 £227,427 1,143
7 Plymouth 57 £215,561 774
8 Portsmouth 62 £252,635 785
9 Bristol 64 £335,864 1,954
10 Middlesbrough 64 £157,105 650
Cities with the least garden space per home

As you can see, there are no Dorset towns on this list.

The study also wanted to discover whether spending more on a property would provide buyers with more garden space and which areas offered most value. So they also compared the average house price of each UK city in the study to see whether there was a relationship between the price of a house and the size of their garden space.

They discovered that:

  • Birkenhead has the lowest average house price at £121,886 whilst offering a respectable garden size of 112 square meters on average.
  • Surprise! London has the highest average house price, but offers an average of just 35 square meters of garden space – just over three times less than Birkenhead.
  • Dundee presents the best value for money and garden size offering. Average house prices sit at £179,278 with an average 249 square meters of garden space, the second highest in the study.

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Beach huts at Bournemouth, photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash