Following on from our post last month about preparing your belongings ready to go into storage – here are five more tips on storage preparation to help you if you are thinking of packing something away for a while:

  1. If you’re storing a mattress then it’s best to cover it up with either a special mattress bag or cover (these are inexpensive and readily available on Amazon or Ebay) or failing this, wrap it up in a few old sheets – just to stop it from getting marked or damaged in transit.
  2. Pack things inside things to save space. Pack books or ornaments into drawers – and pillows, bedding or soft toys inside cupboards or wardrobes. You can also place smaller, fragile items into drawers by wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap, wrapping paper or soft items that need to be packed – such as dusters or towels – killing two birds with one stone!
  3. Large electrical items like fridges need to be clean and dry. Allow plenty of time before moving these items into storage to defrost or drain them. Clean them thoroughly and dry them with a towel. If you’re storing a fridge or freezer always leave the door slightly open to let air circulate and prevent mould from forming inside. Keep them closed whilst moving them and then once you have placed them into storage, tape something to the inside of the door to stop it from closing by accident.
  4. Lampshades are notoriously fragile. Wrap them carefully in clean packing paper (not newspaper as this could mark them) and where possible, place them inside each other. These should go in last, on top of other things, so that they do not get crushed.
  5. Fill every box completely to prevent it from collapsing when stacked. If you run out of things to fill a box, stuff it with newspaper, rolled clothes or towels. Make sure you label each box sufficiently. We recommend writing on the box with a sharpie or other permanent marker, as sticky labels can fall off or become damaged.

Our large refurbished storage facilities are located within a traditional stone warehouse, right in the heart of Bridport. If you’ve got something to store you can get a quote and make an appointment to come and view the facilities for your own peace of mind before you make decision.

We hope you find these storage preparation tips useful – and if you have anything to add, then please let us know in the comments section below!