Despite the current fluctuations in the property market, people are still moving home. Sometimes it isn’t always a choice, we have to move for work or we have a change of circumstances which mean we have to find somewhere to live in a hurry. According to Property Wire, one way to find greater security and ease in an unpredictable market is to buy a new home, rather than an older property. Here are ten reasons that Andrea Fawell, Sales and Marketing Director of Kebbel homes (OK she may be a little biased but she makes a good case) thinks that choosing a new build home is a better prospect for buyers:

1. A Simpler Process

“If you don’t love me now, you will never love me again.” Fleetwood Mac were pretty adamant that we should ‘never break the chain‘ and it is an utter pain when someone in your chain of vendors and purchasers pulls out of a sale – so the great news with buying a new home is that THERE IS NO CHAIN! There is much less chance of the sale falling through as there is no chain to deal with at this end and your sale is less dependent on a ripple (or domino!) effect. You have greater security from your vendor and they are professionals too! Not some random person selling you a house. Their whole job is to sell you this newly built home and this means they want everything to go as smoothy as possible and there should be few or no surprises.

2. A Secure Warranty  

Unlike that bargain fixer-upper you saw at auction that has been on the market for five years, pretty much every new build home comes with a structural warranty for up to ten years (Always check this before making your purchase!). You just don’t get this sort of thing with an old home or a private sale. The company that built the house are liable to make any repairs agreed under the terms of the warranty. This may include fixing issues with the workmanship, materials, heating, plumbing and electrical systems for up to two years from the end of the construction.  For the following eight years after this, their insurance will cover structural issues that arise in the building such as damp penetration, rendering problems, excessive draughts etc.  So you don’t need to worry about any hidden problems that were missed by the survey or costly issues and repairs inherited from the previous owners. It also means it is in their interest to get it right the first time – with good quality workmanship and materials – to save them any issues down the line. They really can’t simply botch it and scarper!

3. Energy efficient 

All new build homes must be energy efficient by law. 85% of new build homes in England and Wales achieve energy performance A or B and they often come with ground or air source heating, solar panels, extra insulation, double glazing etc in order to meet those targets.

4. Deals and schemes

Many vendors of new homes have schemes in operation to help ease the sale including part exchange and chain breakers (where the company steps in to purchase a property that has caused your chain to break). These are all designed to help your sale be as easy and stress free as possible

5. A blank canvas   

Many new build developments offer the opportunity for you to choose carpets, flooring, socket placement, kitchen surfaces etc. depending on how far along with construction they are when your offer is accepted. Making your home your own from the start provides you with the chance to make your mark on the place, without having to tear out the previous owners tacky carpets or dodgy DIY. Saving you time and money in the long term and making your home just right for you.

6. Community

According to Andrea Fawell, “New builds often foster a sense of camaraderie as buyers – from first-time buyers to families to downsizers – build a community together”. I guess everyone is in the same boat if they are all moving in at the same time and are in a similar income bracket, unlike villages where you get the posh end and the less posh bit and the renters and the homeowners.

7. Flexibility

Buying a new build home directly from a developer means that you are likely to have greater control when it comes to planning your move. There is no chain, you don’t have to wait for the sellers to be out at a certain time and there’s no chain at that end, making the move less stressful and more straightforward for you (especially if you choose Northover and Gilbert to help you move 😉)

8. Better design  

New builds are designed to be more accommodating and ‘future proof’ than older properties. Legally they must have storage for dustbins and bicycles and electric car charging points. Solar panels and heating systems mean you will be in good stead ahead of the 2030 ban on gas boilers being fitted in any homes. Inside, the design and layout of new builds tend to include more open-plan spaces designed with multi-functional use in mind. Home office, anyone?

9. Great gardens  

As we reported on the blog before, since lockdown, homeowners have been craving better quality outdoor space and new build properties often come ready equipped with decking, lawns and terraces designed for entertaining and chilling outdoors.

10. Capital appreciation.  If you make an offer early on in the development process, it is possible that you will witness capital appreciation far sooner than if you were to purchase an existing home as the price will increase during this time.

Ready to make your move to a new build (or an older home)?  Get in touch with us today for a detailed quote. We can help you downsize (or right-size), Pack it, store it, move it… whatever you need! We also have some really useful free moving resources on our website to help you plan ahead and make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, chain or no chain!

Featured image by RODNAE Productions on Pexels